Connect with a smile!

Connect with a smile!

AR Editor – full 3D Augmented Reality messages

Create unique AR messages including 3D animated characters, photos, videos and text. Your friends will view it in full 3D wherever they are.

Augmented Reality videos – welcome to the future!

The live video editor with eye-popping effects transforms your videos into something truly spectacular. Attach stickers with recordings, and let Snaappy do the talking!

Make photos more vivid, cooler, more creative

Add characters to pictures as you shoot! Use Augmented Reality to jazz up your photos. Create unique photos and share them using social media.

Expressive 3D Characters - communicating without words

No desire to type long messages? The Snaappy application with its unique animated characters will help express any feeling, thought, emotion.

See what your friend is typing

Now you can peep into what your friend has typed before the message is sent. Letter by letter, word by word, corrections, T9 bloopers - you see it all in real time!

Tell the world about yourself

Create your personal profile, add photos to it, share your emotions, show your inner self - let your friends learn your best traits.

Always be connected

It is very easy to stay connected with Snaappy even in the remotest places on the planet - be sure that you could deliver your emotions at any time whenever you feel like it.

Expressive 3D Snaappy Characters - enhance all of your daily emotions!

Character Gallery